Tuesday, July 14, 2015

9 months with Parker Mae

I know what you're thinking. And I'm thinking it too. I'm a little late to the 9 month party, but if you don't blog about it, it didn't happen right? So alas, here's my little Peanut's 9 month update, almost 4 months late...

Thank goodness for Instagram and FB so I can look back and see what actually happened. #amiright

Official 9 month stats:

Height - 25.5 in (37%)
Weight - 16.1 lbs (49%)

This gal continues to be an absolute delight. I mean it, I don't know how but we hit the baby jackpot. Sleeps through night, even when teething, AND sick, eats well, plays well, I mean what more can we ask for? Around this time we had 4 teeth and I believe 5 and 6 quickly popped through. Parker absolutely loves to play with the big kids, and I can foresee many an injury trying to keep up with her sisters. She loves to dance, and makes a bee line in any room for the ONE thing she's not supposed to touch. This month she started to pull up on EVERYTHING, and having an empty living room (#oldhouseproblems) actually worked to her advantage. She loves to look out the window at the world around her. She prefers to be outside as much as possible, and we take advantage of that when the unpredictable KS weather allows.

Still not really a fan of other people, but I'm secretly not complaining. Her sweet lil personality is definitely blossoming, and we see a lot more smiles from our stone-face sally. 

We still absolutely love baby led weaning. I mean I can't say enough good things about it. This gal hasn't met a food she doesn't like. And we don't hold back. Girlfriend loves a lil spice in her life. Tacos, buffalo chicken, you name it. Her willingness to try new foods is really amazing to watch, and man I pray that she never loses that (I'm looking at you terrible twos).

Girlfriend loves to babble. Dada is her fav, and while she can say Mama, she usually doesn't. (whatevs). Interestingly enough, she never took a pacifier, which was actually a good thing - but because of her eczema, the doc recommended giving her one so she wouldn't suck her hands raw, and make her cheeks worse.

We still have a lot of issues with eczema. BOO. It's mostly on her face. For vanity reasons that really sucks, but that means we have her body under control with special lotion, and the occasional prescription. I'm just not willing to put that on her face. With how much she touches her face, I won't risk her putting her chubby little hands in her mouth and ingesting that medicine. Luckily, flare ups are fewer and fewer, but still irritating none the less.

The past 9 months have breezed by without a care in the world. I'm in complete awe of watching her little life grow so rapidly right before my eyes. I adore you Parker Mae, and hope you never forget that.

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