Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Birthday Bash 2015

I can't tell you the last time I had a birthday "party". Sure I celebrate every year, usually more than once might I add, but never really a "party". Well, you only turn 30 once, and your baby (yes BABY) whose birthday is the day after yours, only turns 1 once. And when there just so happens to be 3 other gents who all have birthdays that week too, well it turns into a birthday bash.

Every great birthday bash needs a theme. Enter: the circus. My sisters and I started planning months in advance, because well it takes us a while to get into gear. I originally wanted a pastel themed circus, because there were just so many fun ideas on Pinterest for a pastel circus for a baby girl's first birthday. However, as this was a party for 5 different people, we stuck with traditional circus colors. It ended up working out better that way since it was around the 4th of July and everything decor wise was red white and blue.

The guest list was pretty extensive, but it ended up being a pretty good size. Most people are out of town for the 4th. Of course I would have loved to see everyone but smaller is usually better especially when P's involved.

There was of course a bounce house - best money I've ever spent for entertainment. We had it pretty much all day, and even the adults had a blast with it. (and of course it just so happened to be circus colors)

We most likely over-thought the food, but hey you only have Birthday Bash 2015 once! It was all fantastic, and my favorite part was the cupcakes with the animals jumping through the hoops. I originally wanted to spray paint them gold, but the Mr was being a debbie downer and didn't think I should put that on something people would eat. #wahwah


I was worried pretty much all week about the weather, but it turned out great. For being July, it wasn't too uncomfortably hot. And I have to say the best part was watching Parker and her cake. She wanted nothing to do with it, even when I tried giving it to her on a fork.

Overall we had a blast, and are thankful for another year to celebrate!

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