Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Day of School

I'm fully aware that the first day of school was well over a month ago.. but let's just pretend I'm better at writing things in a more timely manner.

Gracen started second grade this year, which means more homework, and harder homework. She's just such an active kid that it's kind of hard for me still to send her off to school for 8 hours a day. Don't get me wrong she's a smart kid, but unfortunately she inherited my attitude towards grade school. The 'what's the point of all this' attitude. So we're working on it. She's come a long ways in reading since last year and it's pretty amazing to watch. I'm horrible help to her (zero patience - thank goodness I didn't want to be a teacher). But now that everything's clicking, we're starting to read some chapter books and I truly hope she develops a love of reading that matches my own. (Except maybe just don't try to read during school ok? Teachers frown upon reading a chapter book while you're supposed to be reading your history book. Just ask Aunt Nanie.)

We were a little late to Gracen's classroom because she wanted to go with me to drop off Hadley. Sorry Miss Wilkerson!

We had to sneak a pic with Miss W on the second day of school since were running late on day one. #typical

She didn't want to smile with her teeth this year since she lost her top teeth. But I promise she was excited. And I'm also wondering how long she'll let me keep doing her hair the exact same way on the first day of school! (Answer at least through 8th grade! ha) It was also HER idea to curl her hair. She likes to be fancy.

Sending Hadley off to kindergarten wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be. I mean I was still teary eyed and sentimental (par for the course) but girlfriend was ready. We had a countdown for over a month on when school would start. The first day she was only there about an hour and half, and the second day was a half day. That night she was so excited because "tomorrow we get to go for EIGHT WHOLE HOURS!". Who is this kid?

"Mom it's time for school - stop taking my picture!"

I'm so excited that she's so excited. It's just amazing to me how totally different she is from her sister. Despite how many times we're asked if they're twins, they couldn't be anymore different in personality. Hadley despises bows and was so embarrassed I made her wear it to school. HA! I'm only getting started sweet girl. This kid is already reading by herself, does her math homework in no time flat, and even when she's done, she wants to do more. Hallelujah for this kid! I'm not entirely sure how she's so independent at 6 (tear) but it's a joy to watch, and really it's all her - her parents take no credit for it. We hit the studious genetic jackpot with her.

I mean really - it does not get much cuter than this. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE uniforms??

And just like that we're off. Before I know it, it will be Christmas break! I mean can someone please explain to me how it's already a day away from OCTOBER?!

God speed to all the fellow parents out there sending their littles back to school (ya know a month ago...) May you have the patience and calmness of a saint during homework time! St Ann - pray for us!

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