Wednesday, January 28, 2015

7 Months with P!

Month seven snuck up on us just as each month before it. The old cliche is totally true, how quickly time passes. Multiply that by 10 for the third baby. Miss Parker got TWO teeth this month. All of sudden they were just there. Now I'm having a hard time remembering her little gummy smile prior to those two itty bitty teeth. She continues to be a dream sleeper, down between 6-7, up between 6-7. We hit a rough patch after the 6 month check-up, but after those two teeth popped through we were back to all night snoozing. (hooray!). Napping is a total guessing game because with 2 very active older sisters, we sneak naps in when we can. And as long as she sleeps through the night, I'm not going to worry about it too much. I'm usually a total stickler for schedules, but it's virtually impossible with school and other activities. #thirdchildproblems

6 Month photos!
Watch out world, because Parker Mae is officially on the move! Sure she was rolling around like a madwoman prior to this but she's now crawling all over the place. She'll just follow you around the house. She LOVES the hardwood floors, because she can scoot after you much faster. I'm not ready for crawling at all. I'm having a hard time letting go of the newborn phase. Even though that was over a few months ago... I'm still in denial. She's still the most serious baby EVER, but I don't mind. It's part of her charm. She's still not too keen on strangers, or pretty much anyone besides Mom, Dad or her sisters. But again, I don't mind. I'm 100% OK with holding her every second that I'm home, and not sharing her with anyone. The dishes, laundry, dusting, etc. can all wait. This little baby won't be a baby forever ya know.

She can sit up on her own, kinda. I'm not really sure how we've skipped over sitting independently and went straight to crawling. We practice as much as we can, but girlfriend just wants to be on the move. Whether it's rolling around or crawling around, there's no sitting still unless she's in the high chair. Which speaking of the high chair, a little BLW update! She is rocking the whole eating thing. In addition to all her fruits and veggies (favs are bananas and avacados), sister loved her some protein. She absolutely loves meatballs. I'm still pretty flabbergasted by the whole BLW method, I just can't seem to wrap my head around a 7 month old eating that much food. But we continue to love it, with a few minor adjustments. From what I've read you're not supposed to help them eat, they're supposed to do it all themselves, but we've had to break that rule. P absolutely loves silverware. I mean it seriously blows my mind. Some foods she'll pick up off the tray, but she prefers if we put a bite on the fork, and hand the fork to her. Then she puts it in her mouth. Is that normal? I don't know, maybe she's a baby genius. Yes, let's go with that.

She still doesn't like the pacifier very much, which is actually a good thing. We don't really need it anyways, and this way there's nothing to take away! We do however still love the wubanub because it doesn't get swallowed into the pacifier black hole that is a car seat. It's the perfect distraction/chew toy in the car. She doesn't love the carseat either, but I don't really blame her, she gets toted around quite a bit. We've been super lucky with the weather this January, and are outside as much as possible. This month she got to ride in the stroller sans carseat for the first time, as well as swing at the park. We definitely have spring fever now. I keep forgetting that it's January...

Our only slight hiccup in her short 7 months has been her poor skin. She has really bad eczema, and I'm at my wits end on what to do. All of my research I've done recommend changing your diet in order to help clear it up naturally. All she eats is fruit and veggies (and now meatballs) with milk, which is what they recommend. The doc gave us a prescription because nothing else was working. We've tried coconut oil, my usual go-to, and nada. We have been using Eucerin this month and it's been helping, but I'm definitely hoping this is something she grows out of!

Happy 7 months sweet girl!!!

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