Tuesday, January 6, 2015

6 Months

My darling Parker is 6 months old! How is beyond me. Clearly she's already got the whole rebel act down because I specifically instructed her NOT to keep growing so fast. Le'sigh.

Getting this photo has become increasingly difficult due to your desire to be on the move constantly. And you are still the most serious baby I've ever encountered.

I know I'm a little late on the post, but she had her 6 month check-up on Friday so I waited for her stats. Girlfriend is weighing in it 16lbs 1oz (49%) and is 25.5in (37%).

And speaking of her check up, she had a BIG day on Friday. (Even though technically that's part of month 7.. whatevs I'll forget by then). Friday morning she said Mama! It may have only been once, and most likely accidental, but I'm pretty excited that I got to witness it. She loves to babble, and is pretty good with the 'b' sounds but I heard her slip once with an 'm'. Yay! She also got her first tooth on Friday. Holy cow I was not expecting that. She showed no real intense signs of teething besides the usual gnawing on everything, so it totally took my by surprise. Dad was out watching the KSU game, and got a text message around midnight with my discovery.

My sweet P,

You continue to be an absolute delight. You think Gracen is quite possibly the funniest person on the planet - she gets that from Daddy. You still suck your thumb off and on, but I don't mind because you're adorable. duh. You only like the pacifier when you're going to sleep. As soon as you spit it out I know it's time to lay you down. Night time is our special time. I rock you to sleep (probably longer than advised but I'm a rebel and I don't care!) You like to talk to me as you drift off sweetly into dreamland. I credit Daddy for this sweet sentiment because he hums to you when he's putting you down for a nap and you started humming back. It's a good thing you can't talk yet, because I'd give you anything you want in those sweet moments. A pony? It's yours. You're an amazing sleeper (I'll take credit for this one because me and sleep are BFFs). You still take 2 sometimes 3 naps a day, and you sleep through the night. We normally go to bed around 7, and you wake up anytime between 6-7 with a random 5:30 thrown in to keep us on our toes.

You pretty much go with the flow, and are rarely fussy. Ahh the life of a third child. You absolutely love the jumper, and it may help me persuade Daddy to get a swingset this spring. Fingers crossed. You started eating food! We're skipping baby food altogether because after all my reading it just made sense. Plus if I had any doubts, they were all washed away when we actually started giving you food. You have yet to really meet a food you don't like. hashtag winning.

You had your first Chrimstas and it was a doozy. Mom is crazy, and decided to take you and your sisters (solo!) to Church and the Christmas party to see Santa. Mass was at 9 and the party at 10, but we definitely did NOT make it in time for 9am Mass, so we quickly adapted and made it to the party, and went to 10:30 am Mass after. You are the queen of 'stranger-danger' right now, and did not like the party at all. Luckily all I wanted was the pic with Santa... and you obliged! I literally had .2 seconds to snap the photo before you realized it wasn't me holding you, and by some Christmas miracle all 3 of you were looking and 2/3 were smiling! can't wait till next year.

We were pretty practical with your first Christmas because let's face it, with 2 older sisters you hardly "need" anything. You were a complete angel through all of our travels. You were sufficiently spoiled, and you're at the perfect Christmas stage. You can sit up, but you can't go anywhere yet! Speaking of, you're sitting up! Yikes. You look so much older when you're sitting up.

You had your first babysitter! Although you were in bed for the night, I'm still counting it. I had my work Christmas party and Aunt Nanie had your sisters for a slumber party and Aunt Jaime graciously volunteered to come hang out at our house while visions of sugarplums danced in your head. You of course chose that night to hang out until 8:30, so we may have gotten a late start, but we made it count. It was our very first night alone since you were born! Way to hold strong sister.

This month seems to be full of milestones, and I can't wait to see what the next 6 months has in store for us. Happy 1/2 birthday my darling girl! I supposed it's time to start planning your 1st birthday party. Just kidding... sort of.. ;)


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