Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Skin

My skin and the winter do not get along. It's like my face can't decide what it wants to be. Some days it's super dry, some days super oily, and some days it's in between. Awesome right? I know you're totally jealous. When I stumbled upon the Dead Sea Mud Mask, I didn't have high hopes. However, I was totally willing to give it a shot if nothing more than to pretend I was at a spa and not surrounded by kiddos who are going stir crazy because it's too cold to play outside.

The best part? It's all natural. I'm no hippie, but I do like to try to be conscious of what I'm putting on my face. The organic ingredient list was definitely a bonus. About a year ago I started using organic coconut oil in lieu of bottled moisturizer, and I've never looked back. I dabble between homemade and store bought facewash, because I still haven't found one I love. Every time I think I've found a new fav, the seasons change and so does my skin. Yay for Midwest weather!

This mask is the perfect pick me up for winter, when my skin's all over the map. It moisturized where I needed to moisturize, and I felt clean and refreshed where it was normally extra oily. There's no icky mud smell, just be really careful to keep it out of your eyes and mouth. I also loved the price tag. The jar is pretty big, and will last me a while, definitely worth it if you're in need of a little relaxation this weekend!

What are your winter weather skin tips? Any favorites?

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