Friday, January 23, 2015

Family Photos 2014

Because it's totally my luck (and possibly the fact that we waited until November..) the weather once again did not cooperate the day we had family photos scheduled.

So instead of outdoor photos we headed down to Union Station. Even though we had our pics done there a couple years ago, the place is big enough we were in different spots. And luckily it was just a bit drizzly, so we got at least a couple outside when there was a break.

6 going on 16. I mean seriously how did she grow up so quickly?

This goofball did not want to cooperate (who's surprised?) So I'm glad we got one good shot where she doesn't look like she's in physical pain.

This was our 2014 Christmas card winner!

You guys! I TOLD you she is capable of a smile!

Uhh, I just LOVE the drama of black and white. They're my fav!

Miss Serious. For reals. 'You lookin at me?'

Until next year!

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