Monday, October 1, 2012

Sneak Peek

I am so incredibly thrilled with how everything turned out for Hadley's birthday party on Saturday, and that almost never happens. The weather was gorgeous, and everything I made turned out (almost) exactly how I envisioned it, even the cake. And the cake was very ambitious for me as a lower than amateur status baker. I'm so excited, that I'm going to share one of the treats I made before I even had time to get the rest of the pics and details in order.

I decided not to do a theme this year, because that can actually add on more stress. So instead I just decided to have a color scheme, and went with Purple (to reuse some decor from the wedding shower) and turquoise because I found super cute invites in those colors. This year instead of trying to have bbq-esque food at the park I went with a dessert table. Much easier to execute and a lot more fun to plan :) The first idea I came up with I thought would be the easiest, and turned out to be the hardest, so I had a lot of last minute changes goin on. Without further ado, a lil sneak peek:

Lollipop Cookies!

Now these are not near as pretty as the inspiration photo, and were kind of a pain in the rear to make, but still turned out really cute. In theory they sounded really simple. There's like 4 steps to the directions. 1. Make your cookie dough. 2. Dye your cookie dough. 3. Twist the colors together and roll up like a lollipop. 4. Insert stick and bake. 

A couple of things to note here though - 1.Making the cookie dough was easy (not to mention yummy) 2. Use gel dye. It's AMAZING. And there are SO many colors to choose from, also I should've made the purple darker. 3. Shaping the lollipops was a royal pain in the rear and took a very long time. They're incredibly sticky and break very easily. even after being refrigerated for a while. So i got impatient, and started just combing the dough and making them tie-dye-ish. Still looked pretty cute and tasted delish. 4. when I rolled them up they were about half that size, when I baked them they basically doubled in size and I was not anticipating that. After the first batch came out ginormous, I made some mini sized ones as well. So even though they're not exactly as I imagined, I still think they're pretty cute and perfect for a 3 year olds bday party. Here's a pic of the inspiration (I swear they took these photos before baking because it's no where near as smooshed together as mine - either that or they used some magical cookie dough for lollipops I'm unaware of)

How is it still perfectly coiled?!? The world may never know.

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