Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mother's Day

This year Mother's Day was very low key. Although that's not very different from every other year, the Mr. is not much of a planner ;)

That week at Gracen's school they had muffins with Mom. My absolute FAVORITE thing to do is get involved with Gracen's school, because it's just about the only time Gracen and I spend alone. Since the girls are so close in age, it's very rare that only one does something. I think it's really important to their independence, so I get pretty excited at the chance to do something with just me and Gracen (or just me and Hadley).

She was really excited for me to get to come to school with her!

On Sunday, we had a lovely breakfast, with flowers and gifts, and went to Church. Aren't lazy Sunday mornings the best? After lunch we took a walk down to the Mission Festival (Carnival?). The girls loved it, minus a meltdown from Gracen. The prices for the rides and everything were pretty expensive, so I think next time we'll just head to World's of Fun. But we definitely had good a time!

I was super pumped for the elephant ride since we missed out on the Dumbo ride at Disney World.

This is where Gracen had her meltdown, there was a lever in there that was supposed to let the kids' control when the helicopter went up and down, and Gracen couldn't make it work and got reallly frustrated (she is her Daddy's daughter ;)

God help us when they do actually start driving. I've got anxiety attacks as it is now!

Ready to ride!

Happy Mother's Day! (3 months ago...)

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