Friday, August 17, 2012

4 generations

A couple weekends ago the girls and I headed north with Aunt Nanie and Aunt Jaime to go and visit my Grandma and Aunt. So we packed up Aunt Jaime's car that oh so conveniently had a DVD player in it, and were on our way. My Grandma's house is just about 3 hours away, and we have been making the drive north bound 35 for 25 years, and just about every single time we stop half way in Bethany at McDonald's. (We're not really car people, we need to get out and stretch our legs, even on the 3 hour jaunt straight down 35)
Of course we had to get a photo with Ronald that I'm pretty sure has been there all 25 year's that I've been stopping at this McD's!

We made it to my Grandma's with no major meltdowns just in time for the Olympics, and to cheer the gymnasts onto to Gold! My Grandma still has all the toys that we played with when we were little and visiting, and it's pretty surreal to then witness your own children playing with those same toys. 

The next morning we were up bright and early and headed on to Davenport to my Aunt's house. We were greeted with hugs and lunch, and as soon as the girls saw the pool in my Aunt's yard we knew they couldn't wait much longer. It's been about 10 years since I had been to my Aunt's so it was not only a treat for my girls, but for me and my sisters as well. The weather couldn't have been nicer, and Gracen and Hadley were thoroughly worn out by the pool.
Hadley was quite the daredevil in the pool which was funny because she did NOT like swimming lessons earlier this summer!

I bought the girls arm floaties and rings because there is no shallow end of the pool, so no matter where they were they wouldn't be able to touch. Gracen took a while to warm up to swimming on her own, but by the end of the weekend was going down the waterslide and jumping off the diving board like a champion swimmer that she's destined to be (it does run in the family afterall). I do have a couple of good pics of her on the diving board, but haven't put them on the computer yet, so for now these are just my phone pics :)

The weekend was wonderful. We literally went with the idea of just hanging out in mind. We made a quick stop at my Aunt's school, she's been a teacher for 25ish years, and took a ferry boat ride on the Mississipi River, making a quick stop in IL (4 states in 4 days, I'm tired just thinkin about it!). But other than that we did a lot of eating, card playing and swimming. 

My Aunt was definitely prepared with activities for the girls, armed with coloring books, bubbles and even making our own ice cream in a bag. (it made me feel really old though, i remember doing this in gradeschool!) 
Hadley shakin her ice cream!

Can't forget the vanilla!

On the way home on Sunday, we conveniently found an outlet mall right off the highway and spent a lil time wondering around the Coach outlet. It's a dangerous place my friend. Luckily I was strong and didn't make any purchases (can't say the same for the last time i was in there though..) but Aunt Nanie made a fabulous purchase. Hopefully we'll make this an annual visit, since we really don't get to see them much except for around the Holidays. So thanks Aunt Diane for hosting, now it's your turn to make the trek to KC!

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