Saturday, August 18, 2012

Easter (a little late) and a laundry tip!

So I know I'm really behind, but I'm trying to play catch up. So my posts will me a mish mosh of current and a couple month old events. I'm trying to get everything documented this year, but we had a whirlwind of a summer. So now that things are slowing down (kind of) for fall, I'll hopefully keep up a little better and be trying to get in 3 months worth of happenings!

But I digress. My favorite part about Easter is of course finding the girls matching dresses. And this years dresses I actually found last Christmas. If you know nothing about me, you should at the very least know that I'm a planner. I got them at H&M since they finally opened on the plaza, and we're only $12 a piece. That is cheapolo my friends, because dresses aren't even that cheap at Target.

The weekend started off with a birthday celebration for dinner at my Dad's complete with an easter egg hunt and far too much candy.

Blowin out the candle on her birthday cupcake!

Showing off her egg hunt finds

Please excuse her mop of hair on top of her head. I'm well aware she looks like a ragamuffin, but she unfortunately inheirited my hair and it's string and doesn't do much...

They were in no mood for photos - but just look at their matching dresses!

On actual Easter we were back in the Mr.'s home town and also had his godson's baptism that night. Since he's from a very small town, they only had Mass at 7pm at night. Add in a baptism, it was going to be a long night. I made it all of 2 minutes before I took the girls home. And of course as soon as we got back to his parents house we're walking in the front door and Hadley falls on the concrete straight on her face, particularly her teeth. So of course her brand new dress (and mine) ends up covered in blood. I finally got her calmed down, stopped the bleeding and into jammies and still had to deal with our blood covered dresses. I was really sad that they both were ruined, becuase it was the first time wearing them for the both of us. As I was debating whether or not to try and soak them or wash them right away, I remembered hearing somewhere that hydrogen peroxide got blood out if it wasn't too old yet. And guess what? It completely took the blood out. Every single drop. Granted it took me a while to do it, you basically take the hydrogen peroxide bottle and put the dress over the top turn it upside down than right side back up again, and it literally dissapears before your eyes. I was blown away, becuase it seemed so simple, yet in my 27 years had never tried it and had thrown many things away after accidentally getting blood on them. Dresses saved! By a $1 bottle of hyrdogen peroxide!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter... ya know 4 months ago...

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