Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Gracen! (Part One)

April 1 was Gracen's 2nd birthday!! I can hardly believe my sweet little princess is 2 years old and we've all survived! Easter weekend we had a little party for her at my Dad's house since my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle and cousin would all be in town for Matt's weekend. She got so many awesome new toys, including books, a dollhouse, legos, and a piano/xylophone (no idea how to spell that!). It was such a jam packed weekend, it's taken me 4 posts to get it all in!

A Barbie 4 wheeler from Mom and Dad

Her doll house from Aunt Jaime, Aunt Nanie and Uncle Matt (we had these when we were kids and LOVED them!)

Wondering why her cupcake has to be so far away from her

She ate all the yummy raspberry frosting, but wasn't a fan of the actual cupcake! haha

Happy Birthday Gracen Marie!!!

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