Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Mass

On Saturday, Matt (my future brother in law) joined the Catholic Church. Now, I have never been to the Mass where they do this, mostly because my parents knew how long it was, and having 4 kids didn't want to try and make us behave through it. They had a tough enough time with us during the regular one hour Masses.

So as you can imagine I was a little worried with a 2 year old and a 6 month old making it through a 2 hour Mass that started at 7, that we would be going to after a family dinner at 5. For you non-math wizard's out there trying to get my 2 kids to sit still and behave for 4 hours, when bed time is 8, sometimes earlier, sounded like we were in for a rough time. I'd like you to know, that we were pleasantly surprised.

Hadley and Great Aunt Diane at dinner

The crucifix that we bought Matt

Dinner was a little rough, we met a bunch of our extended family there, and Gracen has some difficulty sitting in her chair and not touching everything on the table. But she was a champ, and ate really well (surprisingly). On the way to the Church both girls fell asleep. This could be good, or this could be bad. We got there about 30 minutes early so that we could sit in the front and see Matt. So Gabe stayed in the car with the sleepers, and the rest of us went in and saved a couple seats. We brought the girls in about 5 till, and I could tell Gracen was still super tired, and the little princess sat down next to me, laid her head on my lap, and slept the entire first hour. Bless her. Hadley did well, wasn't too fussy, but wanted someone to hold her standing up. We sat by the choir so I knew it would be too loud for her to sleep, but luckily they both behaved with flying colors. It was hard to believe they were my children!

Overall it was neat to watch, but super long, once is good for me, we will be back to regular Easter Mass.
Unfortunately we got no good pictures of the girls in their super cute matching dresses, sweaters and shoes. But don't you worry they will wear them again and there will be plenty o photos!

Welcome to the Church Matthew-Matthew!

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