Wednesday, April 28, 2010

7 months

I can't believe my sweet baby Hadley is 7 months old today! What a big girl. Today has been rough for her though, not the ideal way to spend the anniversary of your birth if you ask me. Last Thursday she started running a fever, never fun for anyone. By Saturday morning it had reached 102.7 (adding a degree that's 103.7 = danger zone). So into the doctor we went. Poor girl had a UTI. I didn't even know babies could get that, but apparently it's not uncommon. So they gave her some shots (never fun) of antibiotic and we had to go back on Sunday. She checked out good, and they prescribed her an oral antibiotic to finish clearing it up. Fast forward to yesterday, I get a phone call that the antibiotic was the wrong kind, so we had to get a different one. There goes $10 down the drain. They also informed us we would have to have her x-rayed to make sure her kidneys and bladder were not infected. So into the hospital we go. Can we say traumatizing? I have to help hold her down while the put in a cathater. OUCH. Then I have to hold her still while this black sticky stuff goes up into her bladder/kidneys so they can see if there's any problems. It took 20 mintues. TWENTY MINUTES. Now in normal people time, that's not long, but in baby time that's an eternity. Poor girl screamed her lungs out. It was very traumatizing for the both of us.

But to end on a positive note, 1) we made it to 7 months, yay! 2) Out pediatrician is open on the weekends and most importantly 3) Hadley girl is AOK! Thank God.


Rachel said...

That sounds HORRIBLE! Finley had to get blood drawn last week and he screamed and screamed... and then eventually gave up. It was so sad!

Katie said...

Poor and her :) I hope that she gets to feeling better!