Friday, July 24, 2015

She's only 7

About 5 months ago, my darling Gracen turned 7 years old. Now to me, my first born baby girl turning 7 years old was kind of a big deal. She's basically off to college soon! She is becoming so independent, and (somewhat) responsible, that 7 just seems so old to me. How was it possible that I have a 7 year old? I'm still a baby myself for crying out loud!


In the grand scheme of life, she's only 7.

As the oldest sister, naturally she has a lot more weight on her shoulders than the littler two.

But she's only 7.

She reads. She writes. She loves fiercely. She's sensitive. She's sweet. She's stubborn.

But she's only 7.

She plays soccer, tennis, the piano, and swims.

But she's only 7.

When I'm dealing with trying to get everyone everywhere on time, and she's throwing shade like it's nobodies business, I have to remember.

She's only 7.

When I just want 5 minutes to lay down quietly and she needs something that can.not.wait. I have to remember.

She's only 7.

When I need her help, and she's whiny, or doesn't immediately obey. I have to remember.

She's only 7.

Sometimes a 7 year old can melt your heart and make you want to pull your hair out in the span of ten seconds.

But, she's only 7.

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