Monday, July 13, 2015

30 things

A couple weeks ago I turned 30. There was no freaking out, no anxiety, just the usual excitement - because I LOVE my birthday. Around these parts, it's more like a birth-week. So in honor of turning the "dreaded" 30, I thought I'd share 30 things about myself. Secretly I hope that some day my girls will look back on this and either say 'that's SO Mom, or wow I had no idea'!

SO in no particular order, 30 random things about yours truly.

1. I love a good pedicure. For whatever reason, I cannot paint my toes myself. I have no problem with doing my own fingernails, but I'll leave my toes to the pros. And for absolutely no explainable reason at all - I ALWAYS pick red. Every.single.time. This drives the Mr. nutso because there's no rhyme or reason. I usually have the best of intentions browsing the bright pinks, summery corals, or moody blues and purples, but I always go back to red. Always.

2. I hate baths. It's like sitting in a pool of your own filth. I get the concept of it, and it sounds nice and all, but it's just not my jam. If I were to take a bath, I feel like I need to shower before and after. And what's the point of that?

3. I can never remember my age. The last time someone asked me how old I was I started to say 24, wait no that's not right.. 28.. wait no... In my mind I'll forever be 21. (I would say 18 or something, but what would I do without wine?)

4. I love classical music. All day, err' day.

5. I love to cook. I may not be very good at it, but it's still something I enjoy. One of my favorite things is to try new recipes from scratch. Sometimes I still surprise myself at my culinary skills. I'm no Martha Stewart, but then again I've never been to jail either!

6. I hate to clean. Kind of a bummer considering number 5. However the Mr. is a pretty awesome partner in the kitchen because regardless of how big the mess is I make, he always helps clean it up (not always willingly - but hey the job gets done!)

7. I'm a dreamer. I've always believed the sky is the limit, if you want it bad enough, there's a way to make it happen, and I've never let anyone tell me no. My Dad always used to tell me the best way to get me to do something was to tell me I couldn't.

8. I eat candy in pairs. Like M&M's and skittles (and fruit snacks). I always eat the same colors in pairs and get rid of the rest. So if there are 11 skittles, 2 purples get eaten together, 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 green, and then the red, yellow and purple extras left? I either give them away or toss them. There is no logical explanation for this - just one of life's great Emily mysteries.

9. My favorite color is green. Emerald green. Always has been, always will be.

10. I hate milk. I don't know why, just hate it. Always have. When I was little my parents used to make me sit at the table until I drank it. I never did, my Mom either ended up drinking it for me, or they finally just sent me to bed.

11. On the same note, I hate corn (from a can). I don't care what you say, it's different than corn on the cob! I do eat corn on the cob - it's delicious. When I was little I would have to eat the corn (from a can), but I just shoved it all in my mouth and excused myself and spit it out in the bathroom. Eventually my parents caught on to that so they'd look in my mouth before I could get up from the table. Rude.

12. I am always hot or cold. Never just right. (Thanks a lot poor circulation) It also makes me pass out when I over-heat, which is more often than I like to admit, not to mention embarrassing.

13. I sleep with my feet out of the covers. This drives the Mr. crazy because I always mess up the bed.

14. I HATE the top sheet. I always get tangled up in it, and it just ends up crumpled at the end of the bed. I do not know what the point of the top sheet is.

15. I don't like to talk on the phone. In person, or texting is much easier.

16. I don't like frosting. Call me crazy.

17. When I was little I used to love black olives. I would put one on each of my fingers and eat them all. Apparently there is such a thing as eating too many because I can't stand them now.

18. I love a good heated debate. In another life, I'm pretty sure I was a lawyer. Growing up I always thought I would be, but I wasn't exactly what you'd call a model student, so all the extra school intimidated me. Who knows maybe I'll go back to school again...

19. One of my favorite things to do with my girls is drive with all the windows down and the music turned up singing at the top of our lungs. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

20. I loathe mustard. (hate is not a strong enough word here). If mustard has even touched my plate I won't eat anything on it. I get it from my Mother. If we ordered a hamburger and mustard came on it, you bet we went back for a new one.

21. Gin and tonic is my drink of choice. Not really a fan of beer, and when it comes to shots, so-co and lime has my name on it every.single.time.

22. I'm one of those weirdos who loved high school. I had some pretty amazing friends, and even though I got in a lot of trouble (all deserved mind you), I had an absolute blast. I'd go back in a heart beat.

23. Speaking of high school, my freshman year I went to WPA alone - which I was terrified to do, but turned out to be amazing. My so called 'date' got in a fist-fight at school like 3 days before and wasn't allowed to go anymore. Seeing as how it was too late to ask anyone else, and I already had plans and an outfit, I went anyways. I think I had more fun flying solo than I would have had with a date anyways, I had no one to entertain and pretty much got to do what I wanted. This was a pretty big life lesson for me - you don't have to rely on a date to have a good time. #girlpower

24. I've never broken a bone (knock on wood). I have only had stitches once (not counting surgeries) when I cracked my chin open ice skating in second grade. My Mom made my quit after that, and all my olympic hopeful dreams went down the drain. JK, I wasn't very good anyways.

25. When it comes to sports, I'm very competitive. I'm not the type of parent who likes the whole 'participation' medal thing. When we were deciding to pick pre-compet or competitive swim team for Gracen this year, she asked the difference and when I told her she responded 'What's the point if you don't get to WIN?' She may have inherited her competitiveness from me... Sorry in advance G!

26. I played soccer almost my whole life. I had a love/hate relationship with it. I absolutely hated the practices, but I loved games - especially indoor. There is no better way to get aggression out than by body checking someone into the boards. You could say I'm a pretty aggressive player... I love to draw the foul, just ask my Dad or siblings.

27. I love love love love love LOVE musicals. If I had any singing ability whatsoever I would have up and moved to New York to pursue my broadway dreams. Unfortunately I can't carry a tune to save my life. So instead I'll have to settle for watching all my faves until I wear them out.

28. For over 6 years I planned on going to Paris for my 30th birthday. SIX YEARS. However, life had other plans. 2 years ago for my 28th birthday (not really it just happened to happen right around that time) we had the chance of a lifetime to go on a Mediterranean cruise - hello Italy and Greece! - well as you can imagine that's not exactly on the most affordable vacations list, so ol' Paree got pushed back to our 10 year anniversary trip instead, or possibly my 35th birthday - we'll see where life leads me in a few years! (2017 or 2020!) Yay! Get excited Gabe :)

29. I've never broken a bone. Not the most interesting of interesting facts, but it's true. (Knock on wood).

30. In order for me to fall asleep, it has to be pitch black (no nightlights) and dead silent. When I was in college and lived in my sorority, the sleeping dorms were just about the death of me. SO.MANY.NOISES. So I slept on the floor of our room every single night. When we first had Gracen, it took me a long time to get used to the sound machine, now I have to have pitch black, and dead silence except for the sound machine. Sometimes the Mr. gets kicked out of the room for snoring. Sorry babe :)

My twenties were pretty amazing, I got my bachelors, got married, had 2 babies, moved to KC, got my master's, and had another baby. So far, 30 has treated me well. In just a few short weeks I'll be celebrating my #dirtythirty in Boston - and I cannot wait!

If you can't wear red-lipstick on your 30th birthday when can you?

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