Monday, November 3, 2014

4 Months with Parker Mae

My darling Parker, this month has by far been the quickest. Fall in general is our busiest time, and I'm trying my hardest to soak it all in. It's been such a wonderful month, and I cannot even fathom how we're 1/3 of the way to your first birthday already. Cue the waterworks.

This month you got to cheer the Royals on in the World Series! Although the outcome wasn't what we had all hoped, we never stopped believing. Hopefully it won't be another 29 years before you see it happen again.

Cheering on the boys in blue!

You also had your second sleepover. We packed up basically our whole house (gotta love traveling with a newborn, i mean baby {tear}) and spent the night at Aunt Nanie's during the ALCS. When you don't have cable, you do what have to do watch the Royals win the pennant. And Mom and Dad may or may not have been drinking. #drinkresponsibly

We've also been keeping busy watching the Wildcats. You're such a mellow baby and just go with the flow. You don't mind when we drag you all over town. As long as you get fed, you're happy. This month we had to start adding in formula, because girlfriend you've got quite the appetite. I thought I'd be a lot more dissapointed about it, but turns out there are a lot worse things in the world, and I'm just thankful you're a healthy and happy baby.

You've started to roll over, except not on purpose. It's kind of funny. You startle yourself, but then you're kind of proud of it and - I know I'm biased - but it's precious. You scoot your adorable little booty everywhere. Gone are the days of setting you down somewhere and expecting you to stay there. You're so close to crawling it's crazy. Feel free to slow down anytime sister.You love to kick your legs like your life depends on it. And you screech. I mean screeeeeeeeeeech. You just like to make sure we're paying attention and know you're there. I feel ya sister - #thirdchildproblems

You got to tag along on Mom & Dad's date night. I have no doubt you would be nothing but a perfect angel for Aunt Nanie or Aunt Whammy but I can't see the same for your 2 older sisters. So we'll wait a little longer until we try to reserve 3 spaces at Hotel de Aunties house. We hit up IKEA (I want everything), and then went out for sushi. You politely declined to try any, more for me! We were out kind of late for you, but you fell asleep on the way home and didn't flinch when we moved you to bed.

Everyone loved your outfit. And giraffes just so happen to be my favorite.
Thanks Aunt Jaime!

I'm still dreaming about the pot stickers and the fried Philly roll.

Sweet girl, I've saved the best milestone for last this month: you started sleeping through the night! It's amazing. You usually go to bed around 7, and don't wake up until 7 in the am. Seriously a girl after my own heart. You eat well, sleep well, basically we hit the baby jackpot. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I know it won't last forever, especially once teething hits in full force, so I'm taking advantage of it while I can. 

Happy 4 months Sweet P!! 

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