Monday, November 17, 2014

Parker Mae's Baptism

My darling Parker Mae got baptized! A couple months ago, but whatevs. And if you know me at all, you know that I am SUPER sentimental about the most random things, and it just so happens that we were both baptized on the same day, Sept 14th. Which I didn't even plan! But it just makes my heart so happy anyways. Simply providential (Anne of Green Gables anyone?). She also got to wear the same gown that I wore at my own baptism. And her bonnet - which was seriously the most adorable thing ever - was a gift from Great Aunt Diane. It's an Irish bonnet that we'll put away until her wedding day that becomes a handkerchief for her to carry with her bouquet as her "something old". I'm getting misty eyed just thinking about it!

Mass was a small struggle because they were playing the organ that day, and it is LOUD. 10:30am is always a hard time anyways because it's right around eating/nap time so it's a crap shoot on whether or not it will go smoothly. I'd say this wasn't our best day, but definitely wasn't our worst. The older girls were VERY antsy because their cousins were there. Again not their best, but not their worst either.

I mean seriously could she get any cuter?!

Parker was a dream for the actual Baptism, just went with the flow. She even giggled once or twice. Just wanted to watch everything and everyone.

 We had everyone over for brunch afterwards, and the whole day was kind of a blur. I spent the day before running around like a chicken with my head cut off, with soccer games, heading to the grocery store, Sams Club, the liquor store (all brunches require mimosas) and baking all night long. Her Baptism was right after the 10:30am Mass, which was like a super awkward time. It started around 11:45 so by the time it was over (there were FOUR! baptisms that day) everyone was starving when they got back to our house. It was a little chaotic trying to get all the food out and set up, change the baby, feed the baby, all in our cozy (read: tiny) house, but we survived. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and sweet P was spoiled with gifts (and love).

Gracen desperately wanted to hold Parker, but had just gotten in trouble for messing around, hence the pouty face.
Have to get a siblings pic!

We celebrated Hadley's 5th birthday that afternoon as well since our families were all together anyways. Sorry to steal your thunder P. #thirdchildproblems We promise we still love you oodles, and were so excited to celebrate your special day surrounded by so many people who love you just as much as we do.

Photos c/o Andrea Strecker Photography :)

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