Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween 2014

I'm in total denial that Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away. Because that means there's only 44 days until Christmas. I'm behind already.

Normally I don't think I feel this rushed, but October was jam packed from start to finish with all of our normal activities, and then the Royals just totally took over with the World Series (not that I'm complaining).

Halloween came and went and all that's left is a bunch of candy that I eat while my kids are sleeping. Better me than them right? Gracen's school was collecting candy to send to the troops overseas, and we were totally going to donate it, but we were literally a day late. #itsthethoughtthatcounts

We had quite the list of costumes due to all the festivities. Trunk-or-treat fell on Thursday night and we had gorgeous weather. I talked Hadley in to wearing her doctor scrubs, and Gracen decided to be a chef. G had piano lessons that night and was coming straight after, so she needed an easy costume. Thank goodness for drawers full of dress up clothes.

I love the play stethoscope around her neck, and the crocs complete her look. And girlfriend carried around that kit all.night.long. 

Gracen got there a little late, but totally made up for it. I don't think I've ever seen anyone trick-or-treat so fast. Becuase, free candy! And they thought it was the greatest thing in the world that they got to play on the playground in the dark.

What was Parker you ask? Uh, nothing. At least not this night. #thirdchildproblems

Friday meant school parties and parades. The girls dressed up as Anna & Elsa (appropriate for sisters no?)

It seriously was amazing how many Elsa's there were. Only one or two Anna's though. {Side note: I'm sure Disney is thanking their lucky stars for Frozen. Because that movie has been there biggest hit since I can't remember when, Frozen fever is still going strong}

I just love classroom parties! Candy corn bingo? Yes please. 

Hadley was the only Anna in her class! She had a great time at her parade, and since it was a little cold we headed inside for performance.

Isn't she the cutest?

After school they got to swing by my office to trick-or-treat (because they clearly didn't have enought candy yet, and it's not like they were going to get more that night. Oh wait..)

The Anna & Elsa dresses weren't nearly warm enough for Halloween night, so we changed into our 3rd, yes 3rd costumes. 

Rockstar Gracen. With pink hair and cowgirl boots. Because why not?

Little red riding hood. Even though that's what she was last year.

Before trick-or-treating we headed over to Aunt Nanie's for our annual jack-o-lantern pizza. And looky there Parker's a ladybug! See we do love her. ;) That's the very same costume Gracen wore for her first Halloween. #handmedownsforthewin

This is the best I could get with all 3 of them. In their defense, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was on, and 2 of the 3 were hopped up on sugar. Parker got to stay inside and help hand out candy while the Mr. and I took the big girls to trick-or-treat. Hadley and I only lasted one block before we were ready for hot chocolate and to eat some of the goods. Gracen made it another block before calling it a night. They have it so easy. Remember when we had to trick-or-treat for HOURS to fill up our pillowcases? Now people just throw candy at them by the handful because hardly anyone trick-or-treats on actual Halloween anymore. #kidsthesedays

The Mr. kindly took them all home and put them to bed while I got to play Mall Madness and enjoy some Moscow Mules. Halloween you treat me so right. 

Quite possibly the greatest board game ever invented, and the best $2 my brother's ever spent. #attentionmallshoppers #chaching 

Until next year Halloween!

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