Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Tour of KC

We've pretty much done a tour of KC pumpkin patches in the past years, but #blogfail 2010 is the only year I blogged about.

In 2009, less than a month after my little peanut Hadley was born we went to Faulkner's.

I believe this is our very first photo as a family of four! We didn't even get one in the hospital. They had a petting zoo right when we walked in with a girl who worked there holding a rabbit on her lap. Gracen walked right up to her, and I thought she was going to be really into the bunny... nope, she just wanted the girl's cell phone!

In 2010 we went to the local pumpkin patch in Topeka, and that happens to be the only one I blogged about for some reason. 

In 2011, we headed out to Louisburg Cider Mill. We weren't very impressed with the Pumpkin Patch part, but definitely worth the trip for the root beer and for the fresh cider donuts! And those pictures are all on my real camera, not my phone so here's some glorious photos from other awesome people :)

In 2012, we opted out of pumpkin-patching (yes that's a thing). Fall is super busy with kids in activities, so we went to Pumpkin-palooza instead. And I actually blogged about that! 

This also just happens to be one of my fav photos of Had :)

In 2013, We headed out to Weston, one of the most beautiful places. I loved it out there, and if we return next year, most likely I'll combine visiting the pumpkin patch and apple picking since they're both at the same place, and kill 2 birds with one stone. Although I didn't write about the trip last year either. Whoops. We had a great time, with great weather. 

Also I just realized I wore this vest to Faulkner's as well. At least I'm not wearing the same long sleeve shirt, that might've been embarrassing. Perhaps I need to go shopping... JK dear!

And since this post is so long already, I'll write about this years trip later ;) Sorry Wham! But I guess this is appropriate since it's #tbt, and these are all our previous trips! This year we went to Kerby's and spoiler alert... loved it! Stay tuned ;)

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