Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring has sprung

Last Friday, the weather was so gorgeous, and MU ruined my bracket (should’ve known) so I decided to take the girls down to the park a couple blocks from our house, while Daddy stayed home to enjoy some quiet while he watched the tourney. The girls love to stop and dilly dally at every flower, rock, branch, stick, you name it, on the way down there so what should’ve taken us 5-10 minutes took us a good 25. But it was worth it, it’s not the destination it’s the journey right?! It’s a good thing they’re cute huh? :)

So we had been playing with some other kids for a good 30 to 40 minutes when one of my bambinos mentioned they had to go #2 (name is being withheld for privacy reasons – ha). Well at this park there’s no bathroom, or portapotty, nada. And remember when I said it took us a good 25 minutes to walk there? You may start chuckling now. Well luckily, our Church is in between our house and the park. But that’s still a good distance away. So I asked if she could hold it until we made it to Church and she said yes, so there I am running with two pokey little ladies, one of which is screaming “MOM I GOTTA POO!” the entire way to the Church. Let me tell you that was the longest block and a half of my life. But we made it, and of course I open the door for her telling her triumphantly “We made it! We’re here!” When the whole Church turns around and stares… whoopsies! It was Friday night and there were quite a few attendees at Stations of the Cross that night.

Of course when we finally get home Daddy just laughs and says “I told you to bring the diaper bag, just in case”. Keep in mind both of the girls have been potty trained for quite some time now, even at night. So thanks for the support babe :)

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