Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was crazy. Especially crazy hot. The hubs brother got married in their hometown, and he was a groomsmen, and Gracen was a flower girl. Friday night at the rehearsal, I knew it would be a 50/50 shot of whether or not Gracen would actually walk down the aisle. She's not the best at taking directions, and especially does not like being told to wait (we're working on that). And let me tell you it is not the easiest thing in the world to corral 2 kids by yourself in a 95 degree Church.

Saturday rolls around and Gabe had to be up at the Church early to start taking pics, so I had to get myself ready as well as the girls on my own. We had to be up there at 1 to take pics... outside. It was so stinkin hot. I feel bad for the wedding party in tuxes and those long dresses! Gracen was in no mood to take pics since it was during nap time, and I knew things weren't lookin good for the actual ceremony.

The wedding started at 3, and Gracen (as I predicted) did not want to listen to the ushers in the back telling her what to do, so instead of walking down the aisle, she proceeded to scream bloody murder. So while the rest of the kids walked up the aisle, she had to be carried up to me on the side.

Once it started, Hadley fell asleep on my lap, and I was literally drenched in sweat. I mean my glasses were literally sliding down my face. And Gracen did not want to sit still and keep saying yelling "hi Travis!" (Gabe's brother). At one point Gracen had to go potty, and at another point she wanted to go sit with Daddy in the front row, and once she even got away past her cousins and Aunt in the same row and ran up to the front. Needless to say, I'm a little worried for the next 2 weddings in August and October, where Gabe's a groomsmen in the former and I'm a bridesmaid in the latter and Gracen's the flower girl in both.

When we mosied over to the reception while Gabe was in the limo with the bride/groom/bridal party, all Gracen wanted to do was run around. It was a rough start, but finally got Gracen and Hadley fed, and when it was time to dance Gracen loved it. Both girls were donezo around 9, and I was more then glad to take them home. I was hot and exhausted and I didn't even drink!

Overall it was a beautiful wedding, and we couldn't be happier for Travis and Christina! I just hope I can control my kiddos a little better in August. Ha. If Hadley's walking by then I'm doubly screwed!!

We managed to get a couple pics as a fam, although it's not the best, but hey what can you expect. And it was extremely difficult to get a good pic of Gracen. And I wanted one of her and Travis (her godfather) but failed on that front too. Oh well, we had a good time anyways!

Gracen and her cousin Addie, they're obsessed with each other!

My sweet baby Had

Daddy and his girls

We took about 5, and this is the best we got!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Katie said...

Oh gosh I hear you!!! Kids and wedding are so unpredictable. My sister is getting married next weekend and Kennedie, Jacks and I (9 months preggers) are all in it! I feel bad that my hubby is in charge of keeping them quiet during mass. Never an easy task!!! Cute family pic!

The Thibault Fam said...

Thanks! Good luck!!

Brittany said...

What a CUTE family :) Love seeing the pictures of your girls!!!