Monday, May 17, 2010

Thursday night fun

Last week was pretty slow for the husband at work, so he got to come home early almost every day, hooray! Since we didn't do much for Mother's Day (neither of the girls slept well Sat night, and were cranky pretty much all day Sunday) we took the girls to Chuck E Cheese Thursday night. Gracen loved the jungle gym part of it, but sometimes got scared when she was up top all by herself. Daddy had to go get her more then once much to the Mama's amusement haha. Luckily we were smart enough to feed the kids  before, becuase once we were there, she would not sit still. But she had a blast and it was also smart of us to go on a weeknight, becuase there were maybe 3 other families there. And I will say I was pleasantly surprised at how clean it was considering we are in Topeka. haha. A few pics of the lady in action. Also there was only ONE ride that she liked and I'm pretty sure we did it about 30 times. Good thing everything's only 25 cents!

Climbing in the jungle gym

This is the one ride she loved. And she especially liked the fact that Chuck was sitting next to her.

This little lady was content just chillin out chewin on some celery!

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