Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A first for Mama

Friday night was the first night I had ever spent the night away from kids. Ever. While I welcomed a full uninterrupted nights sleep, it was still a little sad to know they can survive without me :)

Friday night was Christina's (the hubs bro's fiance) bachelorette party in Lawrence. While it was a fun time out with all the girls, it was also definitely a reminder that I am not 21 anymore. I didn't even drink that much, or so I thought. But Saturday was hell. Literally. The husband had to work, so his brother watched the girls a little bit in the am till I could get home. I didn't get to sleep until 2 am, and then woke up at 6 feeling awful with cotton mouth. Worst feeling ever. I couldn't get back to sleep, and was definitely trying to talk myself out of throwing up. Didn't work. 7 am rolled around and I was in the bathroom. TMI? too late! haha. Anyways I was back home by 8, but I felt so horrible. I have now given myself a 3 drink minimum to avoid such happenings in the future. Which is going to be hard considering everything that's coming up with 3 weddings, 2 showers, 2 bachelorette parties, my golden birthday, and many more things that come up along the way. Hopefully I can stick to it, becuase I certainly never want to feel that way again!

Here's a few pics from the night, what I don't get is that I remember everything, I never felt bad during the night, but somehow Friday night you kicked my ass.

The whole group at the hotel

The lone shot I took, and it was only because it was the bride-to-be's request

Classy. Hopefully I survive all the parties to come.

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