Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The cutest stinkin flower in town

This week marked a special occassion, Hadley girl got her pics taken! Now we try to get them done around 6 months when they're giggling and can sit up on their own. With Gracen we got em around 6.5 months, and can be seen here. but we're a little behind on Had's. But I must say I am quite the creative director. Everytime I go get their pics taken I bring my own props, and the people always ask if they can use my ideas in the future. I think I should've gone into photography! They even asked me where I got my bucket. haha. Can't believe how fast it's all gone. Seems like yesterday we just took Gracen's!!!

Seriously. Could she be any cuter?

This one they LOVED. They asked if they could use it for advertising purposes! (I like to think it's becuase she's the cutest baby in the world, but I know I'm biased, it's just really creative :)

She's going to be 1 before we know it, where does the time go???

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