Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old McDonald had a farm..

This past weekend we went back to the Mr's parents farm, his 2nd to youngest sister was graduating from high school. Gracen had a hay day outside, was literally covered in dirt pretty much the entire time. She got to play with kittys, puppys, sand, swings you name it! I wish I would've gotten a picture at the end of the night. On Saturday we gave her a bath before we left for the graduation, and left her back at the farm with Uncle Alan so she didnt have to sit in the hot gym for an hour and a half. When we returned, she was covered all over again. I'm not even kidding she looked like a one of the orphans on Annie! And I thought she was bad, then I got a look at her cousin Addie, who it turned out had gotten in her mom's makeup and had black all over her face. Needless to say they got 2 baths Saturday night. haha.

Sweet baby Hadley, she ended up in just her diaper most of the day because it was so hot!

Just swingin with Daddy

My future soccer star perhaps!

Playin with one of the many kittys

The girls in their matching outfits, I would've tried for a better pose together, but it was so hot and everyone was already cranky it wasn't even worth it!!

Overall we had a great weekend and got to see all our cousins and most of the aunts and uncles! We'll see them all again here in a couple weeks for Uncle Travis' wedding!

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