Tuesday, December 2, 2014

5 Months with Parker Mae

I'm sure it gets old when I say that I can't believe another month has flown by, but my goodness. I would be content keeping you a little baby forever but you clearly have other plans.

It's amazing the differences between your first and third child. With your first born every milestone is SO exciting and you can't wait for the next one! But with the third it's like wait what? how is it time for you to start rolling everywhere? Food - what? Can't be!

Although the month was a blur, it was quite an exciting blur! You discovered your toes, and you love them. We have to set aside time during the day to take your socks off and you get reallly excited about it. You also LOVE your thumb. And as much as I don't want to have to think about you sucking your thumb, it's quite adorable. When I put you to bed we start off with the pacifier, and then once I lay you down you spit it out and in goes the thumb. As if you could get anymore precious.

You had your first Halloween! You dressed up as a ladybug, and didn't really get what all the fuss is about. All in good time my love.

We took family pictures this month, and I'm super anxious to see them. You were pretty much stone faced the.entire.time. I'm just glad you didn't throw up all over your pretty outfit. #itsthelittlethings You're such a serious baby! Except when you're not. Makes total sense right?

You absolutely LOVE your sisters. They can make you giggle and giggle. Until I try to get a picture of it, then it's stone faced Sally. However you still don't really like it when they hold you. But you pretty much don't like anyone to hold you except Mom or Dad. (Which I'm totally OK with btw, I'm cherishing this stage as much as I can!) You've kind of got some stranger anxiety. Which again, I'm secretly relishing. All too soon you'll be running around and demanding everyone's attention. So I'll get in all the snuggles while I can.

You've embraced tummytime. Hooray! You love playing on the floor and rolling around everywhere. And the exersaucer is your new BFF. Although the jumper is slowly climbing in popularity. You're pretty independent at home, which is bittersweet, but in the best possible way. Have I totally confused you yet?

Remember that time when I was so excited you were sleeping through the night? Insert foot in mouth. You decided that just wasn't your thing anymore, and we're back to being up a few times a night. #wompwomp Is it because we moved you to your crib? I don't know. You also have a tendency to have blowouts in the middle of the night, which is awesome. NOT. So by the time you're done getting cleaned up you're ready to party. Mom and Dad? Not so much. Let's get back on the sleeping through the night train this month shall we?

You've started eating solid food! What the what? This month you've tried peas, carrotts, and beans. And of course you got treated to some whip cream at Thanksgiving. (That's what grandparents are for right? to sneak you sugar! *technically* Thanksgiving should be part of your next monthly update but whatevs) This time around we've decided to skip baby food altogether. GASP! I know right? But I've done a lot of research on it, and we're following the baby led weaning method. And it's a lot less stressful, and saves us from buying/wasting baby food. I know it's not for everyone, but I'm totally embracing it.

Last but not least - your monthly photo! I'm super impressed (insert pat on the back here) that I've made it 5 whole months (only 7 to go!) taking your pic on the exact day! Although this one was a close one. I totally thought Thanksgiving was on the 26th, turns out it was the 27th. SO right before bed we got this pic, but you were not in a good mood, and the lighting is super bad because it was already dark out. But some day you'll appreciate these photos right? RIGHT.

Happy 5 months sweet girl!

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