Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Introducing Parker Mae Thibault

Well you know what they say, you make plans and God just laughs. Our sweet baby #3 made her debut on her own terms, and threw us all for a loop - but we couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Parker Mae into our family! It might be over a month later, but here's the story of her grand entrance into the world (before I forget :)

I was originally scheduled for a C-section on July 1, but my darling girl had other plans. Wednesday June 25th was my birthday and for the last couple weeks I had not been feeling well. I had a gut instinct that told me she was going to come early, but I just chalked it up to wishful thinking - I was definitely ready to be done being pregnant. But, I am not one to let my birthday go by without celebrating, so my sisters, Matt, Gabe and the girls all took me out to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. I may not have been able to have the margarita I desperately wanted, but if I couldn't I sure as hell was going to indulge in dessert. We got home and everyone went to bed.

I sat up for awhile going over the weekend. I had elaborate plans in my head of how to spend our last weekend as a family of 4, to spoil the girls before their world was turned upside down. I finally drifted off to sleep around midnight. I woke up around 1am, to go to the bathroom, which was no surprise. However I was feeling really uncomfortable but again, brushed it off as Braxton hicks contractions. They slowly were getting worse, closer together and were no longer uncomfortable but downright painful. About a half an hour later I finally woke up the Mr. and told him I thought it was time. Since it was the middle of the night we tried to wait a little bit in case it was a false alarm we didn't want to freak anyone out. By 2 am I knew it was go time. The Mr. was attempting to time contractions, but there was basically no pause between any of them it was like one long contraction that just wouldn't end.

Luckily I am a planner, and have had my hospital bag packed since about 34 weeks - and I just knew she was coming early. We finally got ourselves ready to go, and called my sister. We're incredibly thankful that she not only answered, but could take off work that day to watch the girls. After that we woke up Gracen and Hadley and let them know they were about to have a baby sister! I couldn't wait any longer, so the Mr. drove me to the hospital first and then dropped off the girls.

As soon as I got to the hospital, the nurse knew it was go time before I could really even speak. She got my a wheelchair and brought me straight up to the prep room. I was already at a 4, and just waiting for the anesthesiologist and the on call doc. The Mr. finally arrived, and this was about when I started to panic. I was in lots of pain and super uncomfortable but was so wired up for monitoring they wouldn't let me get up and move around. Panic ensued and I couldn't breath. They put me on oxygen and the nurse finally gave me something to stop the contractions. My surgical team finally arrived and wheeled me into the OR. Before I knew it she was here! Pink, screaming and perfectly healthy. At 4:25 am 8 lbs 4 oz, she was my smallest baby. They placed her on my chest as they sewed me up and finally brought us back to the recovery room.

As for a name we couldn't decide. We had been debating for months, and the Mr. definitely had his favs and I was dead set on one name - that unfortunately he hated. He pulled out our name list from back when we were deciding on Gracen's name, and we finally landed on Parker Mae.

Fortunately this was my easiest recovery! I spent a wonderful 4 days in the hospital with the most amazing nurses and snuggled with my sweet babe. My wonderful sisters spoiled the girls and took care of everything on the home front and brought them to visit everyday.

I can't believe how quickly the time has already gone by. We've been incredibly blessed with a sweet babe that eats well, sleeps well, and completes our family. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for our friends that have spoiled us with meals, and yummy desserts.

Welcome home my darling girl! I can't wait to see what the world has in store for you - or what you have in store for it!


Brittany said...

Yeah! So happy for you friend and your sweet little family!!! And glad recovery seems to get better with each babe :)

Rachel {polkadots and puppies} said...

I just adore birth stories. :-) Loved reading Parker Mae's! Way to go, mama!