Friday, February 21, 2014

A must read for every prego (or even if you're not)

Since becoming a Mom, the importance of nutrition just keeps climbing higher and higher on my list of parental priorities. It's kind of funny, because most Mom's become more laid back with each additional kid they have, but I am the total opposite. With each kid I get more and more uptight. It doesn't really help that the older I get the more of a control freak I get, but we can just save that topic for another day :)

When I was pregnant with Gracen I really did not pay attention at all to my eating. I was more focused on surviving the pregnancy (yes I know I'm dramatic). Granted I had a very difficult pregnancy with her including low fluids, a breach baby and bed rest, but still I thought as long as I took my vitamins everyday I was good to go. With Hadley I had started cooking from scratch more, and since I was feeding a toddler, meal time in our house had drastically changed - for the better. However I still didn't place as much emphasis on nutrition as I probably should have.

Fast forward 4 and half years (holy cow how has it been 4 and a half years?!) And this time around with a million mommy blogs, food blogs, and Google in general at my fingertips, I feel like I'm much more informed than I ever was. I would call myself half a hippie. With so much information on the ol interwebs, I feel like I'm making better decisions every day - like growing my own food in a garden not only to save money, but so I'm 100% sure what goes on it. Not to mention my obsession with coconut oil (especially while prego - amazing moisturizer for my ever expanding bump, naturally helping protect against stretch marks!). Seriously it's a miracle. It's my windex! (My Big Fat Greek Wedding anyone?) Got a problem? Get the coconut oil. My other recent obsessions include apple cider vinegar (with the Mother) and organic gelatin. Amazing. Let me know if you're interested I would love to bombard you with information :)

Organic ACV found here

Organic Gelatin found here

But anyways, on to the must read! I found this book through one of the blogs I read, and immediately put it on the top of my list in my Kindle. It TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND. Basically you can forget everything you ever thought you knew about food. The science behind food is FASCINATING. I seriously read this in one sitting. I have just about every other page bookmarked, it has that much incredible information. This book totally changed a lot of my views on food. Not just because it's "bad for you" or it's the latest "food fad" but because it proves exactly how your body uses food, how we're educated about food, and the saddest part - how backwards the US is regarding food and nutrition.
Read a preview on Amazon here

It's geared towards pregnant women, but there is a TON of info that's beneficial just in general for women. Let me know if you read it - I'd love to hear your thoughts!!


Paige Elise said...

Are you drinking the apple cider vinegar for nausea?

The Thibault Fam said...

I've read mixed reviews on whether or not ACV helps with nausea, and while some claim it does, some claim it's just a placebo affect. I was almost through with my morning sickness phase before I started adding it to my water in the mornings, so I'm not 100% positive either way. I do know however, it has a million other positive health beneftis which was the reason I started in the first place!