Thursday, November 8, 2012

We are the Champions

This year I had the privelege of coaching Gracen's soccer team. And let me just tell you 4 year olds are awesome. I played soccer my whole life, and nothing could prepare me for pre-k soccer.
Gracen had a blast playing. Each Saturday they had a 30 minute practice with a trainer, and then a 30 minute scrimmage against another team. I really like how they got to practice with a trainer, because they're attention spans at this age is slim to none. The trainer knew a lot of great games to play with them to keep them attentive, as well as learning basic ball skills.
Gracen had quite a cheering section at each game. Every morning before her games she would ask who was coming to watch her. She may or may not like attention.
Luckily they don't have goalies at this age, or keep score. Pretty much every time there was a kick off they ran down in a clump and somone either scored or kicked it out of bounds. It was also quite humorous to see some of the kids just pick up the ball and try to move it and then keep playing like it was no big deal.
We were pretty lucky with weather, we got to play all of our games. It rained one day but we got to finish out the game and the kids thought it was really funny that they got to play in the rain while all the parents sat under the umbrellas. Only one week was it very cold, but it didn't same to phase the kids very much except for of course Gracen. She refused to play or even practice at all. She kept begging to go wait in the car. But I don't blame her, it was VERY cold.
Hadley had just about as much fun as Gracen did, and enjoyed playing on the sidelines with other siblings and of course Gracen's cheering section. She can't wait to play next year!
Gracen told me snacks were her favorite part, that and the medal she received at the end of the season.
I couldn't have asked for a better group of kids to coach, or better parents. Everyone seemed to have a great time playing, and I can't wait to do it again in the spring!

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