Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Purple Rain

Don't worry this post has nothing to do with Prince. Although I do love me some Prince. But back to the point. About a month ago I helped my sister throw a purple themed bridal shower (haha get it? Purple rain? I'm so clever...). With a little help from Pinterest, the wheels were turning about a million miles a minute. But even though we started about a month in advance, the closer the deadline loomed, a couple of things had to get cut. But never fear, I'm sure there are plenty of bridal showers/baby showers/birthday parties in my future to plan!

The food spread and the tent cards I made for the food, and that lovely purple rose ball (that took FOREVER, we originally planned on making 6, we barely got through 3... haha)

Another shot of the bar and all of the yummo food!

This is my absolute favorite part. I love the different shades of purple, and the paper lanterns that I hung the additional two white rose balls through and then the tissue paper ball cluster in the middle of the ceiling!

The wildcats in us couldn't help but throwing in some KSU balloons!

And finally the piece de resistance (or however you spell it!) the banner we made! I'll have to find some more pics that are close ups of this and the rose balls, becuase the details are amazeballs!

I had such a blast planning and executing this purple themed bridal shower and can't wait for the bachelorette party coming up in May!

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