Thursday, February 23, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons

When life hands you lemons… put them in your water? I know many restaurants put lemons in their water to be fancy, but they’re actually on to something. Who knew?

I’ve learned quite a few health benefits regarding drinking lemon water from my new love affair with pinterest. Apparently it helps flush out your system, gets you energized in the morning, speeds up your metabolism, etc. Just keep in mind the people who are claiming these things (that I read) aren’t doctors, and neither am I, so please don’t take this as actual medical advice (not that you would).

I am also a firm believer in the power of your thinking, whether positive or negative. And all this could just be that I believe it enough that I think it’s true, so just bear with me. I haven’t been sick in 4 months – FOUR MONTHS! (knock on wood). For anyone that actually knows me, that’s probably the longest healthy stretch there’s been since I’ve had kids. And I am convinced that it’s because of the lemon water.  Because guess what? I started drinking it about four months ago. Coincidence? I think not! Hello increased Vitamin C intake!

The original reason I even started drinking it was because I’m trying to cut back on coffee/diet coke intake for obvious reasons. But I’m not really a big water drinker. It really annoys the Mr. that I always have to “add” something. Like chocolate to my milk (I HATE regular milk), cheese to my broccoli, etc. But if it saves us money on pop and other things, he’ll buy the 50 cent lemon, and like it.

I love when I accidentally do something healthy! So Raise your glass (o lemon water of course), cheers!

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