Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby it's cold outside..

We had a crazy weekend! Friday night we watched the Grinch, trying to get Daddy in the Christmas spirit :)

Saturday we went to the Christmas parade in Lawrence, and boy was it cold! I'm not quite sure how much Gracen really enjoyed it because she couldn't quite see. They were all antique horse drawn carriages and it was quite fun. We then went to lunch with Uncle Adam, and watched part of the KU game. Uncle Adam can't wait till she's running and talking and can teach her naughty things! :)

Sunday Aunt Nanie came up to see our new house, and played with Gracen. G was feeling a little under the weather, and Aunt Nanie's visit perked her up. Can't wait to see her again in 2 weeks! Sunday night her Streit cousins came over to play and Aunt Tasha. They hadn't seen the house either. It certainly increased the noise level :) But it was fun. Had a little pizza party.

Monday morning Gracen woke up with a terrrible cold, so I stayed home with her. Poor little baby didn't want to eat, could hardly breath, and woke herself up coughing everytime she feel asleep. Hardly let me put her down. But I did manage to get most of our presents wrapped, so underneath our tree doesn't look so bare anymore. But now she just wants to get the presents all the time! Hey who doesn't like shiny ribbons? By the time Daddy got home she was feeling better so at least she got to play with him for a while!

Back to the weekly grind of work :( Can't wait for this weekend to do some Christmas shopping and relax!

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