Monday, November 3, 2008

Gracen's 1st Halloween!

Gracen gettin ready for her first K-State game!

Spencer (the knight) and Addie (the fairy)
The cutest lil lady bug there ever was!
Friday was Ms. Gracen's 1st Halloween! In the morning she wore her Halloween outfit (we could not wear her costume becuase she probably would have thrown up all over it by lunch). She did enjoy the plastic pumpkin we bought for her. I was lucky enough to have the afternoon off on Friday, so I cleaned the house a little bit before the festivities began.

Around 5 or so we put Gracen's costume on. She even had little wings on the back. She was very excited to see all the trick-or-treaters with their costumes, and we met some other people that live in the neighborhood so that was fun. Gracen zonked out pretty early, so unfortunately she missed her Strecker cousins costumes.

Saturday morning we went to Lawrence for the KU/K-State game, luckily it was perfect weather for Gracen's first game (considering it was November), unlucky however were the Cats. We'll have to go to many more games for her to erase that memory!

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