Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July Weekend

Summertime is always crazy. Add in birthdays and a long holiday weekend, and I'm craving a nap.

In a house full of princesses, where do you take the king of your castle for his birthday? Top Golf of course. Despite the rainy start to the weekend, we had no trouble celebrating our fave. He may claim not to like birthdays, but deep down he loves to be spoiled just like the rest of us.

We will most certainly be back, at least with the older gals. With the help of the Mr. they were both doing really well - and by the end, probably better than me. While I do enjoy golfing - I whiff the ball just as many times (if not more times) than I hit it. I'm really only here for the beer. Parker lasted all of 5 minutes, so she'll have to sit the next trip out. Sorry peanut.

On the 4th, we made it to the annual PV Village Fest. And while we love it, and the fact that it's free, it seems to get busier each year. I have to admit I was impressed with all three of my girls and their patience. It's a lot of waiting in line. Gracen wore her swimsuit this year because the water slides have the shortest lines because you get wet, and of course it was a "chilly" 70 degrees this year. #typical

The face paint was of course their favorite part, and the Mr. stood in line pretty much the whole time we were there for them. The littlest gal may look like serious sally but she had a blast. Only one little minor meltdown when she had to get off the train. But I totally get it - I mean we waited in line for a good 20-30 minutes for a 2 minute train ride.

That night we bbq'd at Aunt Nanie's, lit some fireworks, roasted s'mores, and had a pretty great view of the Corporate Woods fireworks show right down the street from her house. We played badminton, the girls did roman candles by themselves (!!!!) and we only had one minor burn from a close call with a sparkler.

Parker was surprisingly well behaved and sat on the steps most of the time watching. She did like to play the games, and of course loved the poppers. Two year olds are the best aren't they?

This is the good stuff. What summer memories are made of. Good food, family, and good old fashion fun blowing stuff up. #merica

It's a little bittersweet that it's already a week into July. Our kids are at really fun ages right now, and we have had a pretty great summer. We're busy of course, but enjoying the slowness of this season while we can. I'm not quite ready to head back into the hustle and bustle of the school year.

So until then, we'll keep on roasting marshmallows, catching fireflies, and sipping sun tea.

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