Monday, March 2, 2015

Getting my hippie on

For sometime now I've been dabbling in the "granola" world. More specifically, essential oils. I'm sure you all have heard about them by now, and may or may not have jumped on the eo band wagon. I'm pretty skeptical by nature, so have slowly added a few different blends to our household. I'm very cautious of just about anything when there's a baby in the house and eo's are no different.

So far my favorite is lavender oil. Not only does it smell divine, but it helps with relaxation, and is perfect for sending my three little ladies of to dreamland at night. Lavender can also help with seasonal allergies, eczema (ahem... PARKER), and minor cuts and scrapes (just to name a few). Here's a few of my favorite ways to use lavender oil:

  • as an airfreshner - place a few drops on a cotton ball, and place strategically throughout the house 
  • as a bug repellent - it's almost summer time and those pesky mosquitos will be chomping at the bits, lavender oil can help prevent bug bites (and smells divine!)
  • for anxiety - I'm an anxious person by nature and so is my mini-me Gracen. 
  • beauty - lavender oil can help with acne as well as scarring. I just mix it with my coconut oil and it's the perfect moisturizer
  • Sleep aid - I like to mist a little onto the sheets for my girls and for me as well

I'm not replacing modern medicine anytime soon, but I do love to incorporate natural products when and where I can. What are your favorite oils?

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