Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Future Madam President of the United States

When we took the girls to Crown Center to visit Kaleidoscope and the Easter Bunny, we stopped at Funville. It's an area of Crown Center that changes themes every month and most of the time it's an area for the kiddos to run around and let loose. This month's theme was Funville - what do you want to be when you grow up? So without further ado, I present to you the future madam president of the United States of America:

When I told her that's what this little booth was for - she got really excited and starting screaming 'I'm the boss'! Why yes you are little lady. There was a red button on the desk that when you pushed it played patriotic music, and when she picked up the phone a recording was playing addressing the president. She thought it was fantastic.

In case the whole president thing doesn't work out, she can always be a bull rider, or a teacher. Basically we've got all areas of potential careers covered!

Gracen was definitely not as interested in being the president - you can see her rolling her eyes at the mamarazzi.

Clearly she has better things to do, like becoming a news anchor. That's much more her style. She had no problem talking into the pretend video camera, just like her Mama, that girl can talk to a brick wall!

Regardless of what they do or become, they'll always be my little babies. Gracen just turned five the other day, might as well have been 25! Lady loo will be in kindergarten in the fall, I'll blink and she'll be driving off into the sunset to KSU...

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