Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Snow Days, Part 1-1,000,000

It seems like this year we had the never ending winter (it's still yucky and cold out). But there's not really much to compare it to considering the past two winters have been very mild in KC. Read: pretty much no snow. Luckily I can work from home, and was never expected to spend 3 hours in the car to get to work. Definitely counted my blessings multiple times this winter.

But on to the fun stuff. Snow days! My girls continuously surprise me. They're both pretty wimpy when it comes to the cold (hell-o they are related to me!). But when it came time to play outside in the snow, they were all about it. No joke they spent hours hours out in the snow. Thank goodness for Daddy's who build snowslides and snowmen and have snowball fights. I however manned the homestead from the warmth on the other side of the windows. Making the hot cocoa and cookies made from scratch is much more my scene ;)

I would break a sweat everytime it was time to bundle up. But luckily they didn't mind. Playing in the snow was a great break from just being cooped up inside day after day!

They absolutely loved to eat the snow. Gross. So it's a good thing that Daddy was the one supervising becuase my neurotic tendencies would have sucked all the fun out of it. I saw tons of people posting recipes for snow ice cream. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. It's a good thing they're too small to be discussing such things at school or for sure would've been the Mom who is no fun! ha. For the record I do not approve of eating snow, despite the fact that I ate it as a child. My name is Emily and I'm a hypocrite. Nice to meet you, welcome to parenthood!

I love her faces. Seriously watch out ANTM, Hadley's going to win season 45. Notice how her jacket is a wee bit short. We weren't going to buy new snow clothes when we could suck one more year out of these :)

There were so many days when we played outside, I'm not sure which pictures are from which days, so I just saved them all for one post. Hopefully we won't have any more (snow days), I mean seriously it's the middle of April. Let's get some 65 and sunny days before we head straight for 99's please and thank you.

Daddy even built them a snow slide. #spoiled. They had a ball in the snow, and I'm glad we could get outside this winter, but I definitely have spring fever. I've already put away all their winter clothes... so let's hope it warms up quickly!

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