Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A holiday recap (part one)

While I know it's almost Valentine's day, 2013 has been jam packed for us. So I haven'e quite been able to update as much as I'd like. So I'm just now getting around to post about the holidays.  #blogfail.

Thanksgiving came and went, and not very many photos were taken. We headed North to Des Moines, and enjoyed great food, great family and of course great shopping. Black Friday shopping is a long standing tradition in my family, and this year was no different. Well not entirely different. We started Thanksgiving night this year! I know we're those cray-cray people. And while I DO NOT AGREE with stores making their employees work on the holiday, I hypocritically joined in on the festivities. At 10pm at least, that's after all the feasts. That's how I'm justifying it anyways.

Standing in line at Target, wrapped all the way around the bulding. It was quite the experience.

December was another full month for us, thank goodness for pictures to remember it all. The girls were thoroughly spoiled, and we had lots of fun with friends and family.

The girls were so excited to help put up the Christmas tree and decorations. We had a ball dancing to Christmas music and looking at all our favorite ornaments we've collected over the years. We have a purple and silver theme, but we have a few special ornaments we've gotten as gifts over the years with sentimental value that we add. Eventually we'll have 2 trees up, one classically decorated and one with all our special ornaments :)

Gracen's Christmas program is one of my favorite parts of going to a Catholic School. She was an angel this year, and she practiced every day, all day for a couple weeks. It was so precious! Unfortunately, all the pics are blurry/bad lighting. Inside the Church just does not make for a good photo op. We do have it all on video, but I'll spare you :) Aunt Jaime got to come and watch this year, and then we had cookies and punch afterwards! At 11:30am.... right before lunch.... awesome idea...

After her program Aunt Jaime and I took the girls down to crown center to play at Crayola land and to see Santa! We were all so excited, and were going to stop at Fritz's, where they deliver your food on a train, for lunch first. Hadley woke up with a cold, so we made sure to pack up on kleenex. When we sat down for lunch Gracen kept complaining that her ear hurt. Well we didn't know if it really did, or if she was just trying to get in on the sympathy that Hadley was receiving. Lunch was rough. They didn't want to eat hardly anything, and it was inching in on nap time. So since no one was feeling well, we ate what we could and headed down to Santa. The beauty of going on a week day is no line! We walked right in and Gracen hopped on his lap. Hadley was still very hesitant. Which is funny, becuase since about Halloween time she'd been prepping herself for this visit. She would tell us how she was ready to go see Santa and sit on his lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. It didn't really help that she wasn't feeling well, So this is the best shot we got.

This year the girls asked Santa for flashlights. You read that right, flashlights. It made me laugh, and Santa found it quite humorous as well. He kept saying are you sure that's all? Yup just a flashlight please! Thanks! and then they hopped right down. Last year they asked for toothbrushes (and Santa/Uncle Adam happily obliged) so this is a step up. But still incredibly humble for a 3 and almost 5 year old :)

After we got home from crown center (and dealt with a meltdown from Gracen and her ear hurting) we got the girls down for naps. When they both woke up, they still weren't feeling well so I begrudgingly headed to the doctor. Luckily our doctor is open late on Mondays. And I say begrudgingly because I really dread going to the doctor without an appt. Usually it goes one of two ways - they either tell you you're over reacting and send you home (and still charge you and outrageous amount) and make you feel bad for dragging them out for nothing, or they tell you oh yes this is really bad and make you feel bad for waiting so long. This was in the latter category. We really went for Hadley who started to run a fever, and just had the doctor look at Gracen too since we were already there. Turns out Hadley had the croup and needed a steroid. Seriously the croup still exists? I keep thinking where's Anne of Green Gables when I need her?? Luckily she started to feel better almost right away. When the doc looked in Gracen's ear, that's when she said oh yea this is bad, she's got double ear infections - here comes the guilt trip. But luckily we got our prescription and headed home two hours later. I was just glad this was all happening a week before Christmas, so that we could hopefully all be healthy for when we would be traveling. Two days later we ended up back at the doctor with Hadley, her croup was better, but now she had ear infections as well! Quite an eventful Monday I'd say.

Stay tuned for part 2! And I must say I'm impressed if you made it this far :)


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Paige Elise said...

Oh geez... I am crap at commenting. Anyway - I wanted to say that I love your reference to Anne of Green Gables! AND, you have the cutest girls.