Friday, March 13, 2009

Sick of the sickies

Another week has come and gone, but the flu has remained. Thank goodness it is Friday! Last weekend we went to KC, got to see where Aunt Nanie works and bring her some yummy lunch from Fazolis. After hangin out for awhile we went to Grandpa's house where we watched some basketball and played with Uncle Adam. It was such beautiful weather outside (70!) but it was way too windy to play outside. We then went to cheesecake factory for dinner and it was delicious. And then Saturday night came, and so did the sickies. One of the two of us have been sick for what seems like the past 3 months. We are not winter people. We are Christmas people, but not winter.

Took Gracen to the doctor again this week for a weigh in, she's 29 inches long and she's up to 16.1 lbs! (She's only gained 5 oz. in the last month). We're not too worried yet becuase in the midst of a cold and teething I'm surprised the girl has gained any weight at all. She continues to eat more and more table food, and loves scrambled eggs, french toast, mac & cheese, pigs in a blanket and esp. grilled cheese. What can I say? We are related. Haha.

Here's a couple of pics from this past weekend at G'pa S's.

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