Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's creepin up upon us!

I can't believe in 6 days my baby will be one!!!! I am sooo excited for her birthday party it's not even funny. I'm more excited for her birthday then my own. (And trust me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday)

Had a very busy weekend last weekend, and luckily had gorgeous weather for it! Saturday we went on an all day shopping excursion. Aunt Nanie and Uncle Adam came to T-town to meet us for lunch @ Red Robin (delicious as always) where Gracen chowed down on her corn dog. Right after looking at the kids menu and Adam pointing out all the obese children. We have the opposite problem, trying to get Gracen to gain weight!

After lunch we headed to Target to spend Gracen's St. Patty's day gift (which we loved, and no worries it was all spent on her). She got a new Easter dress and sandals, and some goodies for her Easter basket. Can't wait for her first Easter!!

Next we were headed to Toys R Us to pick out some bday presents for G, but shhh those are all surprises! Uncle Adam was dunzo after this stop (he made it a whole hour and half shopping!) and one of his friends came and picked him up.

Our last (and longest) stop was the mall. But here we mostly shopped for Aunt Nanie and browsed. Got a couple of goodies for Gracen becuase really who can resist cute baby clothes? Certainly not me (duh).

We've got a couple of exciting weekends coming up and we can hardly wait!!! Will post some pics next time!

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BenjaminWatsonGregory said...

LOVE the invitation!! Too cute...way to go mom!