Monday, January 26, 2009

January Blues

Another January weekend has come and gone. And of course all last week we had beautiful almost 60 degree weather and then this weekend it was freezing! I am definitely getting spring fever.. cannot wait for the warmer weather!!

No exciting news for this week, FINALLY put together Gracen's room and it looks wonderful. Now only 6 more rooms to go before we move to the basement!! Will definitely have to put some pictures up.

Ms. Gracen is still teething so we're having some rough nights. Hopefully the lil teeth will come in soon.. only we still have a whole mouthful to go. Yikes.

Almost forgot, she has learned how to wave! Bye bye and hi are her new favs. And sometimes she even likes to wave to herself, silly girl. Don't know how to post videos on here or I would!

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