Thursday, January 23, 2014

16 Weeks

Yesterday I officially hit the 16 week mark, and of course posted our announcement via FB. If it was up to me, I would have just waited until the peanut was born, and kept it all to myself. After 2 misscariages you don't want to jump the gun to early, and I kept saying after my next appt. I'll tell everyone.

Because of my history, I had a sonogram at my first appt. which was 5 weeks and 5 days. It was kind of a shock to hear the doctor say, ok so this is your 5th pregnancy. Still kind of crazy to think about. I read a lot about women struggling with infertility and the heartbreking journey that it is, but it's very rare you hear about anyone struggling after having 2 healthy babies. Who am I to be so heartbroken? I should be thankful to have my 2 healthy babies - which of course I am! But it still doesn't make the sting of a misscarriage any less. So at that first appt, she let me know that since you can't hear the heartbeat that early we would do a sono, and even with a sono we might not be able to see the heartbeat either.

But we've got an overachiever on our hands, and at 5 weeks, 5 days I saw that little heartbeat. And for just a moment, time stopped. And I soaked it all in. It seems like so long ago, and yesterday at the same time.

If you know me at all, you also know that I am not one of those women who I enjoy being pregnant. In fact I hate it. I was literally sick as a dog for the first 14 weeks, which made it incredibly difficult to hide, at least to me. I kept blaming it on the cold weather. See winter is good for something! My dear husband deserves a freaking medal, because besides going to work everyday I pretty much was useless. I would go straight to bed after getting home, because everything made me want to throw up. The worst part? I was taking my finance management class that whole time. I am really amazed that I survived, because let me tell you I cried. a lot. It was by far the hardest class I've ever taken, and had to do so while basically having the flu the.entire.time. The holidays? they were no help. At Thanksgiving I was only 8 weeks, and hadn't told anyone. The smells were indescribable. The car ride? Pure torture. I pretty much slept the whole time. Christmas was a little better, only because I had my 12 week appt. on the 23rd, and so after hearing that sweet heartbeat for the first time, I finally agreed to at least tell our family. I was so sick, and was a real grinch pretty much the whole month of December - again somebody give my husband a medal!

By week 14 I was at least getting my appetite back, but traded in horrible morning sickness for pure exhaustion and massive headaches. I told you I'm not one of those women who like being pregnant :)

After my 16 week appt on Monday and hearing that heartbeat one more time, I finally decided to let everyone know, that there's no need for a double take, I didn't eat too much over the holidays, just eating for two!

And while a few people commented I looked tiny (thank you!), that's only due to horrid morning sickness for 14 weeks. But don't worry I'll make up for it soon, both my girls were 9 lbs when they were born!

So for now, I'm literally counting down the days until July, and soaking up the few perks that come along the way!

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