Thursday, March 28, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

Last weekend we took the girls to go see the Easter Bunny, and I was pleasantly surprised at the success of the visit. Both girls have recently stopped taking naps - which may or may not be a good thing, and the bunny was at noon. So not only was it lunch time, but also potential meltdown time from being tired.

There was a basket of stickers next to the bunny for the kids after they got their picture taken. The Mr. had to take a walk with Had for misbehaving while we were in line, and while they were gone Gracen was asking about the stickers. At the same time there was a little girl bawling while her Mother was trying to get a photo with the bunny, and Gracen very seriously said 'You only get the stickers if you behave, crying does NOT get stickers!' I couldn't help but giggle.

This is actually the first year we've taken them to see the Easter bunny. I've never really made it a priority, because he doesn't talk... so I'm not entirely sure what the point is? Except to have a cute picture in Easter clothes. But of course one week prior to Easter in KS meant a 10 inch snow storm, so we have on boots and puffy vests :)

Although I am kind of sad to say I don't have any disasterous photos of them with the Easter bunny, some of the pics from when I was little are pretty humorous!


I mean who doesn't laugh when looking at that? ;) Happy Easter!!

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