Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well I thought we were headed down the right track after G finally getting her first tooth on Sunday! I was wrong. Oh so wrong. The poor girl is in so much pain she just wails all the time. Talk about a good method of birth control. I cannot believe we have a whole mouthful still to go. No wonder no one remembers anything before the age of like 3 becuase most of it is spent in pain! We had a very rough night last night, no sleep for all 3 of us. The weekend cannot come soon enough. This morning Gabe had to leave early for work, leaving me and Gracen to fend for ourselves. She did not stop crying for over an hour straight. Poor little lady. It is very difficult to get ready for work when you're exhausted and trying to console a teething baby! Lord help us get through the rest of em!

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